Cold Hard Hate

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Cold Hard Hate

By Scott Bailey © 2014


Cold hearted calls
Behind cold stone walls
Directed at a late great clown
Filled with such hate
And vitriol great
Delivered with thunderous frown

But they do not see
That we are free
From what they term belief
But hatred and fear
Will never come near
To dimming the laughter and grief

So go back to your knave
To the submission you crave
Kneel with the weight of your hate
Lower your head
Grovel with dread
But you will never ever create


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By Scott Bailey © 2014


Love is warm while truth
Is cold. The endless battle
Shakes the human world

Do What You Can… (The Evolution of Ideas.)

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I love this quote and your thoughts on it. Have to share … then have to do some writing…

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There is an idea, embodied in a quote that I recently read, which to my mind, is one of the most important and vital master keys to: living a life of joyeous productivity and achievement unhindered by unnecessary bullshit or false constraint.

It is an idea which has been battle tested by every single person throughout the whole of history, who has ever accomplished anything of significance.

It is fully timeless.  It is the internal foundation and impetus for all action.  It has been, and continues to be, of the greatest value in my own life.

Would you like to know what it is?…

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By Scott Bailey © 2014


Cold and ruthless
For blood
Hot vibrant blood

Stepping out
Of dark and mists
From dark paths
And winding ways

Wearing fear
Like flowing cloaks
Chilling hearts that see
Stilling life

They walk by day
Woo us with tragedy
Shake our hands
Enamour us with
Their smiles

Drain us
As we admire their teeth

The Voice

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The Voice

By Scott Bailey © 2014


There’s a voice I know
From way down deep
Fuelled by wars
That never sleep
It’s warm but still will be
Ever lonely

It sings of thoughts
And curses old
Soothes the weak
And beats the bold
Finds us in our weeping
And our fury

It moves our walls
And wayward paths
Offends our truths
With staggered hearts
Weaves its way into our
Very grieving

I wonder now
At all the cost
And when at last
No wars are lost
Will the voice still find its way
Towards us

Or will will it fall
In silence then
The broken harp
The dried up pen
Or will we hear the whispered




Floods and Frogs

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Last night we had rain in biblical quantities. Hard, heavy rain that made a noise like hailstones. I didn’t really give it a thought. Unusual for the time of year – even in Britain – but not unheard of.

So when Rachel woke me up at 2.30am to investigate the sound of running water I was not best pleased. I had not heard her fully describe the issue though – probably due to my general sleepiness and string of bad language at being woken up for what seemed a trivial thing.

I put on the first pair of boots came across, normal ankle high work type boots, and stepped out the back door to have a quick look and placate Rachel.

Not a good idea. The water flowed over the top of my boots up my leg.

We had a major flood. It was lapping at the step of the back door. Wheelie bins were floating around as were half their contents and the kids tent was completely washed out.

Our garden has two level, it is lower near the back door then steps up halfway towards the back. The entire lower level was no basically a pond.

There was not much I could do at 2.30 in the morning beyond checking that it our hose pipe was off and we had no leaks anywhere – i.e. the flood was the result of the downpour and nothing else.

Next morning it turned out we had a blocked drain. Between the upper and lower level of the garden there is a drainage channel. This had over the years become totally blocked. So I had to left the grills and dig out the gunk, then grab an old tent pole to ram down the actual outlet until I finally freed the blockage and all the water rushed away.

Not the Sunday morning I had in mind.

Anyway – the reason for relaying all this was more interesting. The drainage channel outlet is under a very vibrant bush we have – so I had to crawl under this to get to it and start the business of unblocking it. While is was busy ramming it in I looked up and found myself face to face with this little fella!

20140629_115928 20140629_115918

It seems nature was quick to capitalise on the situation and this frog decided he was going to move in to this ready made pond before anyone else.

Not sure what he is going to do now his pond has disappeared as quickly as it came.

Alexander was very excited and had named him Mexico, as this is the team he is in for the school sports day tomorrow. Something we only found out a few days ago which is why the rest of Sunday was spent trying to find a Mexico football team green t-shirt for him. Thanks for that school.

The Return of the Doctor…

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We have had the day of the Doctor, the Name of the Doctor and the Time of the Doctor. Soon we will have the return of the Doctor. Yes I for one am eagerly anticipating Peter Capaldi’s take on the role.

And there have been some interesting rumours about what is to come. More on this in a bit. While thinking about all this though I came to a sudden realisation.  There has been a subtle decline in the series lately. Or maybe it was not so subtle and I was just blind to it. Who knows?

The decline I mean is that some of the gravitas of the Doctor has been replaced by humour. There is an excellent example of this with the Daleks. In the last episode we see the Doctor accidentally dropped into a Dalek ship whilst carrying a part of one he has obviously previously defeated.  He makes a quip and a quick getaway. Returns to chide his cyber man pet and then appears to disregard the fact their is a Dalek ship there!

Think way back to Dalek – when Christopher Ecclestone’s Doctor encounters a lone Dalek. A captive and helpless Dalek. His reaction is not humour or running away. It is fear. Utter fear and dread, And by this time we had to realise that despite appearances the Doctor was a formidable opponent to cross. Therefore anything that scares him must he worth fearing.

More than anything else it was that reaction and the superb way it was acted that made the Daleks scary again.

Now, by the Moffat/Smith era they are nothing more than the foil of some throwaway jokes. They are not scary anymore, making the whole concept of the time war etc. a lot less horrific in the process.

So where does that leave us?

One of the rumours I have heard is that the next series will have less humour and be darker. But how  many times have we heard that? Still I remain optimistic that Peter Capaldi can bring the right gravitas to actually achieve this.

Which brings me to the other rumour doing the rounds.  The Master will be making a return this season. And it won’t be John Sim playing him. In fact they want a heavyweight Hollywood actor.

This is more promising.

It gets better! Top of the wanted list (and in rumoured to have already been cast) is Charles Dance!

Now that is a prospect to salivate over. Dance’s Master up against Capaldi’s Doctor.

And to top it all it would tie in beautifully with my own personal master plan i. e. to get Peter Dinklage as the 13th Doctor!