Yet Another Reboot….. but

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Now I am just as fed up with all the reboots as the next person. So now I am presented with a dilemma. When I heard about this film I was jaded about it – why can’t they do something new!

Then I watched this trailer

So you see my dilemma? It looks amazing!

But if that doesn’t whet your whistle then how about this?

Dinosaurs, Nazi’s, Hollow Earth and President Sarah Palin!!!! What more can you ask from a film?

Colourful Titles

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Well since finishing and winning NaNowriMo (50k done!) I have had the flu so have not been very productive. So as a relaxing byway I decided to take a look collating my years worth of poems. I discovered two things. First I have quite a few with the same title. So I will need to rename some as part of the general editing.

Second I seem to like using colours in or as the title.

NaNoWriMo Day 29

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Woohoo! Done it! Was looking doubtful today but a big push tonight and made the last 4000 words in one evening!

Finished on a major turning point of the book too. End of the first section. Two more to go – I imagine progress from now on will be lower though without the deadline to meet :-)


NaNoWriMo Day 27

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Best day so far! 3381 words. Only 3983 to go! Would really like to get that done tomorrow!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Still only a third of the way through the actual story though so its going to be a full-blown book not a novella by the time its finished. Right now I will be happy with the 50K

NaNoWriMo Day 26

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Four days left. Just over 7000 words to go. Touch and go whether I will make it now but getting so close!

Also – only 8 followers away from hitting 500.

Stats are keeping me awake…….

NaNoWriMo Day 20

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Well after a traumatic morning – a big social worker meeting – a big review which was somewhat stressful to say the least I wasn’t sure I would get anything done today, and the last few days have been abysmal word counts.

However, introducing this new character has been a tonic. I had no idea where I was going today having finished a logical section yesterday. But as I started I picked up a tiny thread that was laid yesterday and ran with it – over three thousand words later a whole scene I had never anticipated was born. It all just flowed so today has been my best so far.

Still not ahead though but at east have caught up what i dropped recently.


NaNoWriMo day 19 Part 2

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Just about broke the 30K mark and that was a struggle. Mostly just life getting in the way but then at the same time hitting a point in the story where it was difficult to get to the next turning point. It needed something in between where it was and that point but couldn’t think what it would be.

So in desperation – I made up and completely new, random character who is totally out of character and tone of the rest of the characters in the book so far – and threw him in to see what would happen. Just the scene introducing him had given me a few thousand more words as well as adding some impetus top the story and enthusing me.

So I would say to anyone struggling -make something random happen and see where it goes.

I say that – I can’t say whether its going to work out yet or just make things worse.

Let’s see.