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Work, Ilness and Accidents

Woke up felling quite ill, sore throat, very hot and a little nauseous. But felt better once I got going. Lucky I did as Tim is dosed up with pain killers due to the fact that he fell off a ladder last night. He has badly bruised his back but could have been worse – he thought he had broken it.

Rachel took Alexander to the health visitor and the doctor today as he has both a rash and keeps scratching his ear so we think he might have an ear infection. He has been given antibiotics and some cream. Hopefully that will help him, though he’s not too bothered. They then went into Canterbury.

Hopefully James will ring Vic tonight as I am planning an early night.

Have to try and sort out some more stuff on the socket server – specifically whether I can get it to accept echo back. Its now way beyond anything I have done before.

Also had to chase Jon at Capstone.

Rachel rang to say she was exhausted and shall we get a takeaway, so got a Chinese from across the road.

Got home – Alexander was very unsettled, his rash seems to be getting worse and his ears. Spent most of the evening trying to settle him and sort him out. Didn’t get the early night we was intending.


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