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Surprise Visit

Was feeling pretty ill again this morning. Feeling dizzy too. Was contemplating having the day off but thought I would feel better going in. It worked to an extent.

It was lucky that I did as Nigel turned up with the device and went through some stuff with us. Made more progress on the socket server stuff and came up with some more things we need to implement.

Rang Rachel, Alexander seemd ok but tired. We will monitor this.

Finshed a good part of the updates needed to the site plus chased Jon and Stuart. We now have a working unit that is reporting to us every hour.

Came straight home. Alexander was very restless but finally got hin to sleep. The Rachel screamed at a daddy long legs that came near her and woke him up. He sat in his highchair by us at dinner but was still very restless so I sat him on my lap. He made full advantage of that by eating my mash potatoe which he loved.

Took a while to settle him down after tea, had his milk and played for awhile. Rash looked a liitle better by the time he went to sleep.

Done tesco’s shopping online and had I Robot on in the background. Film 4 is just so repetiive.

Noticed on Facebook today that Daniel has a new girlfriend. Don’t know if he has actually met yet as she is in nottingham.