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Even more work on house

Carried on with the work from yesterday.

Firstly took rubbish to dump. The went shopping at Tesco’s Whitstable where Alexander was extremely naughty. Came home – the started the front room – put the hifi in the cabinet, which involved taking the door and back off, putting the door back on. Also put up the speakers. Again Alexander was both helpful and naughty. Once he had gone to bed I put up the trunking and semi wired the speakers – also set up the surround speakers for the TV.


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More work on the house.

Was feeling pretty knackered. We had a slow day, got up late and stayed in – spent the whole day sorting out the house. Completely redid the Kitchen and outside the hall. At the same time the delivery from Mothercare arrived – which was not supposed to arrive until Monday. Alexander was really badly behaved all day – but probably due to not being paid attention to.

Mum and dad wanted to come around but we put them off as we were snowed under with work and they were still ill

Worked until very late.

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34 Week Scan

Got up late and so were rushed but was made worse as Rachel made a appointment at the doctors, we just about got there on time.

Rachel got some antibiotics to try and help with her asthma.

Then we had to rush to the Hospital for the scan. As The nursery was shut we had to take Alexander with us. He was fine for most of it except the actual scan where he was very naughty, I think a bit worried about what was going on with mummy, he climbed up on the bed and lay down next to her.

Despite them feeling ill Rachel wanted to be dropped into town. So dropped them off and went to work. Strange atmosphere there – everyone was quiet.

Got quiet a lot done though – Mark was off in the afternoon.

Came home and Alexander and Rachel were fast asleep. Alexander was very very hot and stayed asleep for hours. He woke up about 9.30 – we had given him some calpol and he seemed to recover quite well. But by then we was awake and hungry. Gave him some yoghurt which he wolfed down. Then put him to bed with a struggle. Once in though he went out like a light again.

The washing machine had broken down- stopped draining. Had tried once to clean the filter but this had not worked. So tried again and removed one more bit of fluff about the side of half a thumb and very soft – but it seems that this was enough to stop it working as it was OK after that.

Mum and Dad rung up to say they were not well so couldn’t pick Alexander up from nursery tomorrow – but he is unlikely to go.

Went to bed -watched 44 inch chest – missed the beginning – looked very good – need to re-watch it though.

Rachel was very restless as was Alexander so didn’t really get much sleep.

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Had another lazy day but despite all feeling Ill again we went shopping at Ashford.

We were not out long and got Alexander a few toys.

Didn’t do much else that day.

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Lazy Saturday

We got up late, and slowly, all feeling pretty ill. Had a very lazy day, watching films and reading.

Writing in retrospect – can’t really remember much of it.

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Work, shopping, DIY

Went to SimTek in the morning to pick up a modified device and drop of some faulty ones. Didn’t get into work until gone 12:00.

Spent the afternoon testing for the reset problem.

After work went shopping in Maplins and B&Q for trunking, speaker mounts and wire for the front room.

Got a quick Chinese ready meal, Came home. Alexander had not been to nursery as he was not at all well. We were all quite ill so it was decided that we would not got do the work at the weekend or got to Dean and Anna’s but instead have a quiet restful weekend.