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Caterpillars and Stories

According to springwatch tonight caterpillars are 40% protein and 80% water. This leads me to think that they are ideal candidates for the apprentice. they can give 110% and still have some to spare.

Not content with quotable lines Alexander has now progressed to story telling: While eating a ice lolly today he sidled up to me and said.

“Daddy let me tell you a story about a lolly. Once upon a time there was a lolly walking in the woods. He saw a big bear! He started dripping. He thought he was dripping but it was only the rain. SO he ran all the way home where he found a monster. But it was OK as it was his favourite monster. And that is the end of the story”

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Wingham Wildlife

We al had a big family day out to Wingham Wildlife park Much fun was had. This included Alexander having a snake on his shoulder and stroking it. Something Aunty Carol did not enjoy!



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Quote from Alexander (age 3). Open the curtains more daddy. Its a very beautiful world out there.

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Floyd and Whisky

Pink Floyd on Telly, 10 Year old single malt – some days are just good.

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Birthday Treat

For my Birthday today we went to see The Avengers with Liz and Martin. Didn’t really get to speak to either of them properly. Hope they are OK.

Film was good. Better then the lead up films. Who would have guessed that all the laughs would have gone to The Hulk.

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Baking Day

Alexander had a fun day baking with mummy, Aunty Charlie and Aunty Carol while I was at work. So came home to quite a treat.