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Alexander the inventor

Totally ignoring the instructions Alexander decided to make his own creation

Alexander's Creation

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SANDS Memorial Mosaic

SANDS have been supporting a project to have a memorial garden in Ashford and part of this is a mosaic. We went along to add a few tiles


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Lucas’ Birthday

Would have been Lucas’ first birthday today. Took the day off and spent it as a family. Made some little gifts and took the to his grave.

Lucas' Garden Flowers for Lucas

Alexander invented a new a machine called a hector-vector, a wheel that lets babies in heaven grow up to be big boys.

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Chatham Dockyard

Had a day trip to Chatham Dockyard. It was freezing so we didn’t stay long.

Alexander avoided the camera most of the day until we were about to go then he suddenly started posing like a pro – and telling us how to stand as well.At the Dockyard

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First day at College

This was Rachel’s first day at college doing her Cache 2 course. As we hadn’t managed to rearrange Alexander’s nursery hours we had to send him to Nanny Susan’s. Aunty Marie helped look after him and he made a train – something he had already decided to do and worked out the night before.


Rachel really enjoyed the course. It is definitely the right decision.

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Working from home due to car trouble. Alexander waltzes into the office to demand some make up and lipstick as he wants to be a lady boy.

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Surreal archaeology

Um. Was that real? Archaeological story of the discovery of Richard IIIs grave. Presented by the bloke off Horrible Histories and featuring an archaeologist who burst into tears at the site of bones!