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Easter Fun and Brogdale

Oops. Forgot about the clocks going forward until about mid morning. Consequently we did not get out of the house until gone 12:00.

As everywhere else was closed we decided to go to Brogdale farm. Had never been there before despite it being just down the road. It’s much better than I thought – there some very interesting shops there.  Proper butchers and bakers. We also got some organic beer. Nice. Drinking some now.

The restaurant was another story – very very slow service. Not enough staff working.

Alexander petted some animal including some rabbits mice and a ferret. He also feed some lambs with a bottle. He made some friends again and it was difficult to drag him away as they were going the opposite way around.

When we went to the butchers and brought some lamb Alexander began to put two and two together. We were honest and told him (not all the gory details but that meat came from animals) but he couldn’t accept that in his mind. He wasn’t upset he just decided that the lamb in the butchers was from pretend lambs not real. We didn’t press it any further.

We bumped into Marie, John and Rhys who had by coincidence gone there, they had intended to go to Leeds Castle but couldn’t find their tickets.

There was also a miniature train there which Rachel and Alexander had a ride on.

We came home and after a quick nap on the sofa (and some chocolate) Alexander and I set up the fish tank. He was very good and helpful with that. Just got to let it cycle now and add some treatments over the next few days. Looking forward to going out and choosing the fish with him.



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