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Mother’s Day

Visited my mum and Dad in the morning. Sorted out mum’s wireless router and got her kindle attached.

In the afternoon we met up with Rachel’s parents and Marie, John and Rhys in Fenwicks for cake and bubbly.

Cake and bubbly

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Bake sale

Went along to Jude’s bake sale today to show support. Very good cakes. Good to see a lot of people I used to know, Jude and Andrew, Guy and Rebecca, Ali. David came down too. We played in the playground along with Marie and Rhys. Rhys and Alexander played on the swings.

Rachel went home with Marie and Rhys, I went with David and Spike to the pub (The Hole in the Wall – though its got another name now.) Then Jude and Andrew joined us later. Had  a very good time. Made a relaxing change.