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New Supes and Dr Who

Saw the new trailer for Man of Steel today. Still not sure about it. I like the fact that it’s a complete break from the old films – not even a hint of John Williams – and the whole look is good. I like that Henry Cavill looks quite a bit different from previous incarnations.

It is just that I think they may have missed the point again. Not being nostalgic but no one has yet matched Christopher Reeves. And I have a theory why. They have all looked too young.

This seems to be a tendency in everything lately, as the heroes get younger and younger – but I think it doesn’t really work with Superman. I think the story tellers are missing one of the main appeals of the character. His strength.

I don’t just mean his “super strength” but his other strengths. His steadfastness, his reliability, his standing against injustice. All of which make him a bit old fashioned in modern story telling terms, Even a bit unsympathetic (seems all modern characters must have deep flaws for us to relate to them).

So who does that represent in most of our lives. Someone, strong, reliable a bit old fashioned, slightly distant but always there.

Our fathers! That is why I think Christopher Reeve’s version worked. He had that fatherly quality about him.

I can’t really see that in Henry Cavill – at least not in the brief trailers etc.

Still Superman is the ultimate story of adoption.

I also was looking at Dr Who images today fo the upcoming episode (journey to the centre of the Tardis). Noticed a book in one of the images. The History of the time War!

I was thinking about the fact that they revealed the season Finale will be called The Name of the Doctor, and that Steven Moffat had said he was going to reveal the Doctor’s biggest Secret! So will his name be Derek?

I am sure they won’t reveal his name – there’s none that would be satisfying.

However there is also the myth that the Doctor is more than just a Timelord. And I came across an article about the Matrix – a Timelord artefact’s that stores all the experiences of all the timelords in it as well as all their knowledge.

What if the Doctor were really a personification of the Matrix? He said once that he and the Master were practically the same person. That could explain it.

We’ll see.

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Ninja Pirates Ahoy!

Well didn’t get to write anything yesterday, it’s been a bit of a sick bay here this weekend.

Yesterday we took the car in for a check as we have an engine light flashing. Was just a faulty sensor so that was OK. Fully had the intention of taking Alexander out somewhere to run around as he has had an upset stomach and need some help there. However once we got back in the car my back started hurting.

It wasn’t a spasm or a pulled muscle like you would expect but rather came on like a very dull ache that escalated very quickly. The long and short of it being we were forced to go home as I could hardly drive. Rachel was also feeling ill so we all ended up on the sofa variously watching films and falling asleep. We then had an early night though stayed awake in bed watching Parenthood with Steve Martin. (which is a film I always liked and now appreciate even more being a parent. There were some lines that just rang true – particularly Steve Martins Line -“My whole life is Have To’s”)

So did not achieve much Saturday. Sunday we got up and struggled through housework. Went and got Alexander some stronger medicine. The we took him where we were suppose to go yesterday – to his favourite playground. One with a pirate ship in.

He straight away made a couple of friends and they played Ninja Pirates for over an hour. Getting him some much-needed exercise.

It was a sunny day with only a slight chill in the air so was lovely to walk along the seafront for a bit – even if I did have to carry a four year old most of the way.

Back home we had lunch and tried to get Alexander more comfortable but with no success. I did a water change on his tank so hopefully Pinkie and Goldie will be happier.

Mum and Dad popped over and brought over their old TV – it might be old but it will be the first flat screen I have ever owned. Alexander was keen to set it up straight away but we have to work out how and where we are going to do it first. PLus moving the old one is beyond me at present as my back is still hurting and it is the HEAVIEST tv I have ever come across – and I used to work in a shop selling TV in the late 80’s so I have lifted a few.

So as my eyes are sore now, it looks like this blog will be the only writing I will have achieved this weekend.

Never give up though.

Have to think about what I could write a poem for the Canterbury Festival. Need a spark of inspiration.

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Going on..

Well my Facebook friends cheered me up, wish they lived nearer so we could have the same conversations over a pint.

Was very cold again today. Work was trying to replicate problems in order to examine and solve them. Unsuccessfully so far.

The day was underlined with the rolling news about the terrible manhunt going on in Boston.

Alexander had a great day with mummy as he went trampolining. Proper bouncing – he was in heaven.

After dinner and washing up treated myself by watching Airplane.

Alexander was very unsettled and couldn’t sleep, consequently is now asleep on my chest.

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The Gunner’s Dream

Shared The Gunner’s dream on Facebook tonight – prompted by a post from the Pink Floyd page. It’s a song I can always come back to – I always wanted to write down the lyrics in calligraphy on the wall as decoration, but I am no visual artists and it wouldn’t come out as expected.

And that’s the reason I think. I always wanted to be able to draw or paint but I think my problem is that I have a real vivid image in my mind what I want it to look like. It never does. I suspect tough that’s not how artists work, they instead convey an impression of what they want to get across. A representation.

I am not sure why I have an issue with this as that’s essentially what you do when writing – though looking back at my early stuff I can see that I was trying too hard to write exactly what I was seeing in my mind. Now I can let go and trust the reader to fill in the details.

Just can’t do the same with visual arts.

Plus have zero talent.

As you can probably tell – not much took place today out of the ordinary routine.

Been reading the Frank Herbert book I was sent – I need to finish that as a review is expected. It’s very good just very long and involved.

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Fish and Words at last.

Apart from housework and shopping (normal service) two things happened today that I have been trying to get done.

Firstly Alexander’s fish tank was finally ready. So by the skin of our teeth we just got in before the pet shop closed and got him two fish. Two fantails one a mottled tabby cat kind of colour, the other orange like a traditional gold fish. They appear settled in the tank. Alexander has named them Bill and Bob.

Secondly, I actually got to do some creative writing at last. Writing a draft of a small fairy tale (which is told inside my novel). The original version in the book is very short and not very good. So I am rewriting independent of the main book and will re insert it. There are several more in the book and I will do the same with them. Once these are done I will consider the book finally finished. Then …. Self publishing beckons.

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Am I a grown up now?

Collected our new “family” car today. Makes me feel grown up….

Drove it Westwood Cross to get used to it.

Not much else to report today.

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Facebook downers

Browsing Facebook I was struck by how negative a lot of the posts were. Maybe its just a good place to vent?

Seems that it all about expectations. And I am just as guilty of that. We expect things to be perfect. For example We expect everyone to drive safely and considerably. When they don’t our expectations are let down and … Road Rage!! 🙂

But experience should tell us that its not the case. People don’t drive like that – we see that everyday? So why do we wake up expecting it all to be perfect today?

If we accept that is the situation we won’t be let down. 

And in the end we are talking about situations that we usually can’t do anything about. So we can be in a bad situation and by being stressed about it we only make it worse in all manner of ways.

When we are in a bad place change something. Either change the situation or if that’s not possible change your reaction to it. Not easy – but possible.

Until we accept that we can change our reaction we are just leaves blowing on winds of chance and emotion.