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Poem a Day Challenge #2 (Nation)

Well – so pressed for time today that I decided to do a haiku – being short!

However  – I have also had the kids tune “I’m a Jingle Jangle Scarecrow” going around and around in my head! And toothache!

So this one is born out of all that.


By Scott Bailey © 2013

Kerching! Kerchang! Pow!
Our economy picks up!
Soul still desolate.

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Serious intentions now

I have set up my Kindle Self Publishing account!

Just have to sort the Tax details out – not that I envisage having to pay huge amounts of tax 🙂

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Poems and Stress

That has been today.

Work has been a stress fest – everything seems to be coming to a head at once, just when we are most under resourced. Still the problems we have are – as the boss says – good problems to have. i.e. struggling to meet demands.

On my quest to get some writing done I have decided – along with my book – I will also do some poetry. As as it’s short and sweet – mostly – I have set myself the challenge of writing one per day. I’ll post each one as a separate post but also add them all the the Poem A Day Challenge page.

The rest of the evening has been cooking, cleaning out the fish tank again, eating dinner and dealing with Alexander’s testing behaviour. Sometimes he can be so naughty – but then the next so amazingly cute.

Looking back at the pictures of the last few weekends though something struck me. No mater what we do – and no matter how misbehaved he is, he does go for everything with a huge amount of energy and enjoyment. You can see it in the smiles and laughter in the pictures.

We didn’t have a lot growing up but one thing we did have was a good childhood. I am glad that so far – no matter what other parenting mistake we may or may not be making we are giving him that! A wonderful and enjoyable childhood.

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Poem a day Challenge #1 (Goodnight)


by Scott Bailey © 2013

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Love you with all my heart.
One snuggled cosy in bed.
One in the earth.
Mother and Father
Forever hurt.

Get the previous ones here

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A poem a day?

Just contemplating starting a poem a day challenge – for a year. The idea being to kick me into doing something, and to have a volume of work at the end. Which I could use to publish.

Could I do it? Could I find the time?

Let’s see

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A Good Weekend – the Details

Well as promised – though as I am not being allowed time to write properly – shorter than intended – the details of the weekend.


We met up with David, Lois and Spike to have a day out around Leeds castle. This was a lot of fun despite Alexander being totally headlong into everything. We went around the maze and the play park and Alexander insisted on getting a sword and shield for both him and Spike. We also went around the castle though Alexander went through at breakneck speed so didn’t really get time to look at anything.

Alexander IMG_6930 IMG_6946 Fun in the Formal Gardens

We came home and had a quick tea. The Liz came around. She and Rachel chatted while I got Alexander to bed. Then Liz and I went to the pub for a few pints and a long chat like the old days (and not just about the old days but also about the future.)


We had a slow lazy day on purpose. We took a leisurely walk down to the village and went to the pub (Queens Head) and had lunch. There was a reception for a christening going on so it was busy and there were lots of children for Alexander to play with. We came home and Alexander played with his friends out the front for quite a while. We then had a lazy evening.


We went to a Kent Wildlife Trust event at Bigbury Hill. This was an old fill fort where the local Celtic tribe – the Cantii (from where Canterbury gets its name)  resisted the advance of the Romans. Ultimately unsuccessfully but bravely nonetheless.

They had set up a camp with roman soldiers walking around and showing off their armour, and a play dig for children. There was a guided walk which was just starting as we arrived so we tagged along. However at the first  stop Alexander announced very loudly that the man was taking for too long to talk about it. So we discretely slipped away and did our own walk. Liz and Martin were also there but we didn’t see them despite Martin calling out to us. – Sorry guys. We we probably chasing Alexander.

The walk was lovely. The bluebells were out as was the sun and the shade of the trees was welcome. Full of birdsong too.

IMG_6990 IMG_7005 IMG_7055 IMG_7063 IMG_7085 IMG_7124

Then we came home for a relaxing evening – somewhat marred by Alexander and Rachel having bad Asthma – probably aggravated by hay fever – but otherwise and nice weekend. Walks, beer, kids and friends.

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Good Weekend

Just a quick update – more to follow.

We had a great bank holiday weekend – meeting up with old friends and going out – drinks and walks. Will post more detail and some pics later.

This morning Alexander woke up and launched straight into conversation. Telling us he needed to have his coat and an umbrella. When asked why he paused – realised he had been dreaming but carried on with the fact that he needed them to be able to make the dream he had been having real – so he has his days playing worked out.