Poem a Day Challenge #32 (Spectrum)


by Scott Bailey © 2013

If life were light
shone through a prism
We would see the parts of our lives
illuminated on the wall
From the red of our passions
to the blue of our melancholy
And all the shades in between
The wonderful rainbow of life

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Poem a Day Challenge #31 (Bricks)


by Scott Bailey © 2013

Coloured bricks
Red, blue, yellow, white
and many more.

Many shapes
Many sizes
No limits
Many surprises.

Build a fire engine,
A house, a school,
A lake, a park, a city, a town.
A space station and spaceships and an alien host.
A castle,a bridge a knight and a ghost!

All this and more build it all
And never ever build up your wall.

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Poem a Day Challenge #28 (Thirteen Lines)

Thirteen Lines

By Scott Bailey © 2013

The bankers, the police and politicians
laugh at us in their vaults of gold.
Shock and anger and bile!
Such arrogance we behold.

Headlines! Headlines! Headlines!
We MUST have an inquiry!
Heads must rolls, we must have scalps!
Weeks and weeks of fury.

We will not suffer the injustice any longer!
Oh! There’s a royal baby due.
Wait! What? Conkers have been banned!
It’s health and safety gone mad!

What can you do with a shrug?

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Nursery Notes

Late night so short poem today.

Work was frustrating – I was so tired for some reason that couldn’t get my head around anything properly – though did make some progress – specifically getting Crossworks to work!

Spent this evening looking through Alexander’s nursery notes as they have requested some feedback to put together a pack to pass onto his school.  It’s bringing tear of pride to my eye 🙂 There some lovely photo’s of him with his friends and doing different activities with smiles or looks of intense concentration.

The overall picture we get matches what we have at home, he loves playing, especially role play and constructing. Love stories but is less keen on writing and art. Doesn’t dislike them but at present at least he is much more a doer than a thinker – though a lot of planning and thought goes into the games he plays and the scenarios he dreams up. Will be interesting to see where he goes. I have said before he is a different child to what I was, has more of Rachel in him I think – and that will bode well for him.

Whilst doing this also watched a program on TV about the London buses at night. There was a guy driving through a rich part of London, looking on the houses that were forever out of his reach. How little progress we have made.