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Poem a Day Challenge #7 (Same)

OK have a headache now. Can’t think so I am posting this one that has been in development over the last few days. Needs more work I know. And it frivolous. Who can spot the song its a play on?


By Scott Bailey © 2013

Remember this forever
For it will set you free
Listen to you mother on
How it is to be,
If you want success my child
Stay upon the path
Don’t stray into the wild.

Be the same! Be the same.
All the world – loves the same.
Stand up tall, play it straight
And you’ll never end up late.

With mortarboard and diploma
You’ll rate with the great minds
If you become a doctor you’ll win great respect
Be a great composer and get more of it yet
Don’t become a poet that they will all forget
Be the same, be the same, be the same.

Be the same, be the same,
All the world  – loves the same.
Tell it straight, tell it true,
No one will mess with you.

Bend the rules (when you can)
Make more profit for the man
A college education is a must I am sure
To give the frame of reference that you must endure
If you feel lost a job is the cure!
Be the same! Be the same! Be the same

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Another one of those days!

Started with it taking ages to get Alexander awake and off to nursery (not unusual really) He loves his lies ins – can’t think where he gets that from?

Went over to our factory in Broadstairs to pick up some units. Went to put the heavy box in the car when it split so I had to put it down hastily. Went to pick it up again and this time it was my trousers that split – completely. I had the feeling that I was in a seventies sitcom. (or a 2013 Ben Elton one).

Luckily the factory is right next to a shopping centre – so an emergency trip to a shop I’d rather not have had to buy from got me an £8 new pair.

So just had to get back to the office then. Which was easier said than done as the whole of Dover appeared to have been closed off due to a jack knifed caravan. Well according to the radio anyway so I had to detour through the country which would have been fine if I hadn’t seemed to have come across every closed road in existence.

So the result was I didn’t get into the office until nearly 12 and as I had to leave early not a great deal was done.

I had to leave early in order to get to an Evening at Alexander’s soon to be be new school. (I mean the one he is going to in September.) It’s all getting real now and he is growing up.

We met Alexander’s friends Alex’s parents there again. They had been previously torn between school choices whereas we had decided pretty much straight away after visiting that this one was the right one. After this evening they were agreeing.

We got him some bits of his school uniform to try on. He was so excited about this his reaction being “Awesome!” But then it is his favourite word at the moment.


Now must think of a poem – have one half finished so either have to finish that an post or write a complete one.

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Carry on..

Another attempt at collaborative fiction.

This one is just a scene – that anyone can carry on. I was thinking that anyone who contributes can then vote on the best next part and that goes forward – and then we all write the next bit and so on. (If that makes sense?)

Well it’s worth a try.

This was the thunder roll time. The heartbeat of the hunted time. The dawning of infinity.

Sweat beaded on her neckline. Her hands shook and she felt sick. It was the time of truths, of bare reality. The weight of life bore down on her, dragging her inwards yet compelling her forwards.

Time brooked no delay.

She opened……..