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Today’s poem of the day was in response to WordPress’s own Daily Prompt which was “normal”.

It was kind of apt as well as we have had a pretty normal day today. Not normal in the sense of the same as every other day but normal as in what we would like to have more often. The kind of normal that is actually very rare.

It consisted of not having to be anywhere or have any timetable. We spend the day together at home. Playing and relaxing. Had a nice roast chicken dinner and enjoyed the day. Alexander was very well behaved. 

I had time to do some writing and some reading. All in all a perfect day.

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Poem a Day Challenge #11 (Normal)


By Scott Bailey © 2013

The news is not normal
We must remember that.
At home with my family, safe on the sofa.
Working nine to five to bring home the bread
Struggling with bill but food on the table
Enjoying friendships and family
Days out, nights in, peace, leisure, entertainment
Warmth, safety, security and food.

Let us remember that this is our normal
that many do not enjoy.
For them the every day, the normal is
hunger, poverty, murder and rape.

The news is not normal
but we are the exception.
What can we do in the face of desolation?

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