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And breathe…. 1.2 .3…..

So now I have had a phone call from the doctors – my blood pressure is high – but probably because of the situation they caused yesterday. So I have to go in tomorrow first thing to get it redone! grrrrrrrrrrr

This is the sort of needless delay that frustrates adopters. There’s just no need for it.

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Poem a Day Challenge #14 (Carman)


By Scott Bailey © 2013

I make cars
I always have
As did my father.Prestige cars.
The most famous in the world
Made with pride.

Made with precision.
Made to last.
To shine and glide!

Every working day.
All the working hours.
My trusty hands create.

I may be steeped in habit
Tradition and old ways
But I trust in my own fate.

I support my family.
I support the plant.
And I support the land.

I pay my way my dues
while on my shoulders weighs
the burden that I support.

After all these years of toil
All my many dues.
Imagine my surprise, my boss.
I have given more than you!

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Lovely Summers day

Typical UK summers day – wet windy and cold. But hey weather is weather, the sky is blue – what can you do?