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Father’s Day

Well after the spending yesterday stressed in shops and garages (and watching naked bike rides!) we were determined to have a more relaxed day today.

It started as I woke to find Alexander (who woke up hours before us) had collected all his soft toys and stacked them on me! He had also managed to sneak downstairs without us!

So we got up and popped over to My parents to drop of my dads card, Were supposed to pop in very quickly but ended up having Sunday lunch.

We then went to Herne Bay Football club where they were having a sci-fi event. It was great, lots of Daleks, Cybermen, Stormtroopers, Several Darth Vaders (including some in the live band) and a real Doctor Who, Colin Baker! What did Alexander run straight to. Bouncy Castles!


We then  headed over to Tankerton slopes where there was a fun fair and we met up with Rachel’s parents to drop off her dad’s card. Alexander went on more rides and … bouncy castles.

Well at least he should sleep well tonight.

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Poem a Day Challenge #18 (The Coalman)

This is an old one I brushed off and reworked. This one’s for my dad.

The Coalman

By Scott Bailey © 1999


With his faithful tartan cap, its bobble flicking black dust into the air.
Holding in that tousled and already greying hair.
With half hundred weight of coal to deliver down the street.
With his smiling green lorry, tiny windows at his feet.
Walking up the narrow path, a smile upon his face.
Care worn lines deep with dust, crisscrossed like living lace.
Bringing warmth to many homes and our own.

Now the coal has gone but the lines remain beneath silver hair.
Hands hard and black with oil and years of toil and loyal care.
Has no wealth and all wealth one could want within his soft brick walls.
Always ready to respond to our lost and stranded calls.
Tall as a tree and as strong against every withering storm.
A mere spanner in his hands his wonders to perform.
Humble, with every reason to be mighty proud.
With pride these words should be read to all aloud.

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