Big Decisions – Exciting Times

It seems a momentous time at the houseofbailey at the moment. Many potentials – possibilities hanging in the air of great things that could come to pass depending on the decisions we make next.

And for once on my life I don’t feel afraid or in trepidation of them – they all feel right. Not to be taken lightly and they need due consideration but I feel optimistic that our decisions will be sound and right.

On one level we have been presented with  the opportunity to make an investment that could change our lives. It could result in us going from scratching a living and just making ends meet to hopping ahead of all those demands. Not immediately – it’s long term but definitely worth serious consideration.

On another level – we have heard from our social worker that there is a possible – and everything is very tentative at the moment – match for us in the Adoption process. She is coming to discuss it with us this Saturday. This is combined with the fact that our next three meetings have been combined into one – leaping us forward a long way in the process. Things are really speeding up.

Speaking of adoption – Who Do You Think You Are (BBC1) was very interesting tonight as it featured Lesley Sharpe. She stars in among other things the TV show Scott and Bailey! (Almost my name :-)  – and one of the characters is Rachel Bailey! ) Anyway – Lesley Sharpe is adopted and it was  a fascinating in site into the effect that has. Not only that but it turned out that her Great Grandfather fostered some Barnado’s orphans.

What was especially touching was the way that she obviously wanted to make it absolutely clear that even though she had found out about her biological father she still regarded her adoptive father as her “Dad” and that was where her heart belonged.

There were some quite harrowing pictures of legions of children being sent off to Canada to be used as cheap labour on the farms there. You can always rely on WDYTYA to make you realise how lucky we have it today.

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