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Little Story Teller

So Alexander – in the middle of having a bath suddenly tells me that there is a special book waiting for me in his room. It’s magic and even he doesn’t know what’s in it.

“Where did it come from?” I ask. Thinking that he is going to say mummy brought it or Nanny and Grand dad gave it to him.  Instead he says:

“Well Daddy. When we went to my friend Alex’s party at the beach there was that man digging for worms in the mud.”

“Yes I said”.

“I went to help him and dug up a big worm – as big as you daddy! And next to it was this magical book. So I picked it up, washed it off and brought it home.”

I was there at the party with him so can confirm that he made all this up!

That’s my boy!

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Début Novel – Now Available

So here’s my announcement!

[Insert fanfare of your choice here]

And some shameless self promotion.

[Scratch the fanfare]

But seriously. After lounging in a drawer for fifteen years or so I have finally dusted it off, edited and now self published my first début novel – available now on Amazon Kindle.


Mankind Limited

Please feel free to re-blog and let the world know!

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Announcement Soon – watch this space

Some big news – for me anyway – I’ll write about it properly later.

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Poem a day challenge #84 (Open Gate)

Open Gate

By Scott Bailey © 2013

So the gate opens
Let’s see where the road will go
As I bare my soul

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