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Poem a day challenge #86 (Intolerance)


By Scott Bailey © 2013

I am a tolerant man no more

Intolerant of inequality
And all who promote it
Intolerant of injustice
And all those who peddle it
Time to make the world
The way it should be

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Holy Ben Affleck!

Ben Affleck is the new Batman – does not bode well.

OK – Maybe I shouldn’t judge – let’s hope I am proven wrong.

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Début Novel – Now Available

In case you missed it last time 🙂


So here’s my announcement!

[Insert fanfare of your choice here]

And some shameless self promotion.

[Scratch the fanfare]

But seriously. After lounging in a drawer for fifteen years or so I have finally dusted it off, edited and now self published my first début novel – available now on Amazon Kindle.


Mankind Limited

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