Poem a day challenge #214 (Human Race)

Human Race

By Scott Bailey © 2013

So we draw to the close of another year
An arbitrary space of time
And to me only one thing is clear
That out of the minutes does climb
Despite all the doom and the pressure
Despite all my weakness and fails
No matter my railing at life
No matter my aches and my wails
I am loved by the people around me
My wife and my smiling son
If life is a human race
Then I concede I have won.



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8 thoughts on “Poem a day challenge #214 (Human Race)

  1. cho wan yau Sun December 29 2013 / 10:12 pm

    new year resolution bailey? reduced stress?


      • cho wan yau Sun December 29 2013 / 10:37 pm

        My dearest bailey there is always a choice, just depends what you are willing to forsake and which you think is the priority? In my humble opinion Health wins every time. If you ruin your health because of stress you are no good for your wife and kid and least of all for yourself.

        I wish someone had said this to me before my health was ruined.


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