Week from Hell

So the past week has been one we would rather not have had – apart from the adoption meeting in the middle.

We had a lovely weekend at home

It started to go wrong when Alexander knocked over a kitchen stool onto his foot. His reaction was not good to say the least. Normally he will shrug off injury and pain – there is just too much playtime it gets in the way of. This time however we could not calm him down. He was in a blind panic of pain and not being able to breathe. So we rushed to the hospital. I feared it was broken. Fortunately this was not the case. He could move it and did not flinch when the doctor touched it. In fact, apart from the black nail and swollen toe he was perfectly happy again. The doctor probably wondered why we has arrived in such a panic.

Anyway – in record time we were back home again. Less than an hour for the whole thing. Now though Alexander had began to cough like a 40 a day smoker. And his temperature was sky-high. He spent the whole night coughing himself awake, realising his toe was hurting and crying in pain an panic again. I had precisely no sleep. I was late to work and not very productive that Monday.

Alexander on the other hand was perfectly OK next day. Despite being sleepy, he seemed healthy. We kept him off school purely because he could get a shoe on yet. Went to the doctor’s for his temperature and cough, she just prescribed pain killers.

Monday night was more of the same. Tuesday he was coughing and tired the next day and not himself – so another day off school. Another bleary eyed day for me. Tuesday night – the same again. He had a high temperature all night that Calpol was not touching.

Wednesday I had the morning off for our adoption meeting, I was so exhausted from not having nay sleep I took the afternoon off. That night his temperature raged and he began to complain of backache and couldn’t stand the light.

The next morning my eyes were so bad I could not safely drive to work in the morning. I asked to work from home. Meanwhile mum and dad took Rachel and Alexander back down the doctors. It was a locum who was very worried. The next thing I knew Rachel was ringing me and saying we needed to take him to the hospital. Abandoning work and driving despite my bad eyes I rushed down to the doctors and picked them up. We rushed to the Hospital.

At the children’s assessment centre he has all kinds of tests including bloods and a chest x-ray. They had to put a cannula in and they had to try at least  a dozen places and two different doctors before it worked. He screamed so much that I almost just got up and walked out with him – not being able to stand putting him through any more.

Then we has to transfer hospitals as this one was closing (well this section was). By the time we got to the other one they would have the results. It turned out that at least all his pain was worth it as he needed the cannula. He had pneumonia.  I was shocked as I thought you only got that from being out on the cold – which he definitely had not been. They needed him to stay in overnight so he could have intravenous antibiotics. He was very upset, Mummy stayed with him. I stayed with him while until he was asleep.

I drove home in the dark, driving by the force most of the way as every headlight was blinding me.

My eyes were so bad next morning I had to get a lift to the hospital. There I found Alexander immensely better than the day before and full of life. He had made a friend of the boy in the bed opposite and every time one of them was hurt the other comforted him. When Alexander has his cannula out he screamed almost as much as when he had it in – mainly because it was stuck down with a ton of sticky tape. His friend was calling out “It will be alright Alexander”. When an hour later he had his own cannula out and was similarly screaming Alexander ran over and gave him a hug.Mum’s were shedding all kinds of tears.

So then we came home. We had a very quiet weekend resting. But both Rachel and I were quite ill now. Rachel with her own chest infection and me with my eyes. While we were at the hospital with Alexander I arranged an appointment there for Monday morning about my eyes. Hoping they would be better by then and I wouldn’t need them.

Monday morning came and although they were markedly better Rachel still made me go. And she was right to do so as I once again have keratitis. SO now have a load of new drops to put in Urgh!

On the positive side. We had the good adoption meeting. We managed to get the nursery nearly finished. We got a lot of Alexander’s old toys down from the loft ready – much to his delight.

And when he has felt well he has kept us entertained as usual. One day he lined up all his action figures, cars and fluffy toys and got a toy motorbike he has that is fitted with a jack hammer kind of thing on the front. He went around shooting every toy in a process he termed “separation”.  They were then turned into baddies and each time they shouted “All hail the baddies!” He said he was building a baddie army! He wouldn’t day what for.

Another day he suddenly disappeared into his room and found himself all his black clothes, got changed and burst back into the room as a ninja!

Don’t know whether to be afraid or not!

When the social workers were here he was off ill and playing upstairs with Nanny. He came down with a letter he has written for them to pass onto his new baby brother. He came up with the idea all by himself.

I really hope for his sake the adoption all goes OK. He is so looking forward to when his brother arrives. As are we!




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