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Two Weeks Notice!

There is a big story all over the news about the impending cyber attack in two weeks time. Everyone panic! and update and virus check!

But what about XP users? Support was withdrawn for that sometime ago?

As I understand it there is a lifeline for them but it has to have them nervous right? What about next time?

So am I being to cynical when I look at the fact that Microsoft have tried with little success to get the many many XP users to upgrade to the travesty that is Windows 8 – and then I see something to scare the users into doing just that?

Perhaps. I will just smugly carry on with my Linux set up 🙂


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Poem a day challenge #95 (Debt)

Thought it would be appropriate to repost today. Though this was about WW1 the sentiment is the same


Back to work tomorrow. So much to do – so this is an old one today.


By Scott Bailey © 1998

Do not lightly discard them
with tales of the foolish bold.
They sat for weeks, for months, for years
in trenches freezing cold.
Sometimes feet simply mouldered
in the sucking mud.
And now and then they’d rise and run
and spill their loyal blood.
Do not belittle the suffering
of soldiers now long dead.
With nothing but talk and songs and bombs
bursting in their head.
Bound together with chains of love
shattered by leaden death.
They ended as they had begun
with cries upon their breath.
Do not lightly remember them
with only paper flowers.
they faced the fear, the pain, the cold,
for hours and hours and hours.
They ran together and fell alone
upon those foreign fields.
Protecting those they loved

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