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Yet Another Reboot….. but

Now I am just as fed up with all the reboots as the next person. So now I am presented with a dilemma. When I heard about this film I was jaded about it – why can’t they do something new!

Then I watched this trailer

So you see my dilemma? It looks amazing!

But if that doesn’t whet your whistle then how about this?

Dinosaurs, Nazi’s, Hollow Earth and President Sarah Palin!!!! What more can you ask from a film?

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Colourful Titles

Well since finishing and winning NaNowriMo (50k done!) I have had the flu so have not been very productive. So as a relaxing byway I decided to take a look collating my years worth of poems. I discovered two things. First I have quite a few with the same title. So I will need to rename some as part of the general editing.

Second I seem to like using colours in or as the title.