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The Forest of Dreams

The Forest of Dreams

By Scott Bailey 2015

Dark, thick between the trees
No light shines off
The dull black armour
Of the horseman as he rides
Slow through the forest of dreams.

Pale the winding path
The black knight follows
His weary steed plods steadfast
As it’s burden heavy grows
Head hung low

This quest was not the glory
He dreamed of in his youth
Like the birds that flew this morning
On dreams that seemed to be
A promise of life and growth

He followed the flighty birds
As they danced upon his dreams
Into this tree locked realm
And the winding path so thin
They drew him deeper in

And the vines of need reached out
With curled dependency
Wrapped around his limbs, his heart
Sinking deep their thorns
The pain shook him from his dreams

To the vines he must cling
To keep his dreams at bay
Though they drag him deeper down
And hamper his faltering way
They are a part of him

He no longer sees the birds
Riding on his dreams
Now he knows the awful truth
That only dragons truly fly
The dragons he should slay

He could unsheath his sword
These vines to cut
Roar fire and leap to the sky
Instead he forges onward
To endure until he dies

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Adoption Update

What can I say?

Its been nearly a year now since we brought LO home. Its been a very trying time. We have emotional ups and down. In short it has been very hard work. Much harder than we expected.

At first this was down to adjustments. We were adjusting to having two kids in the house. This is a lot more than twice the work – trust me. On top of that was the way that Alexander reacted to having the brother he had long been craving. Suffice to say it was completely the opposite to what we expected.

We also had to adjust to having an older child than we were expecting – and that took probably the longest.

On top of that his behaviour was very different from what we were used to with Alexander. Not to say it was bad but just very different. The ways we dealt with Alexander’s behaviour just was not working with him. He pushes boundaries – like any child. But when we deal with that it did not seem to stop him. He just kept going back and doing the same things over an over again.

he is a very physical child – loves climbing – ANYTHING! Jumping and running – as such is often sporting a bruise when the social workers arrive!

All this has added up to them not putting forward the court application until we have found a way to establish boundaries they are happy with. Quite what that means or what they want to see to prove to them that it is the case they are more vague about.

The result is that in respect of the system we are feeling quite down at the moment – its seems a never-ending slog with no real end in sight and it’s quite depressing. They are not seeing the progress we are making.

Away from “the system” – we feel happier. When it’s just down to what is happening in our little family unit we feel much better now than we he first arrived. (We never felt bad! Just a bit overwhelmed sometimes.) We have now changed our approach to setting boundaries and its beginning to take effect. He is much calmer, more well-behaved and communicates for more than when he arrived.

From day one he was settled and there is no doubt in his mind we are his mummy and daddy now. He is equally at ease with the rest of the family. He and his brother now get along (as well as any brothers do – which is to say they are often fighting – but its at pretty normal levels now). Alexander loves him and is devoted to and proud of him. We feel much more in control now.

So it’s not all gloom and doom. I think we feel much happier though when we get that seal of approval from the court. There is now way we would back out now. We will do whatever it takes to get there!

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Another blast from the past.


I love timehop. Always brings a  smile.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

Zombie Apocalypse?


By Scott Bailey © 2015

From paper to cheek
Paint is slapped with joyful glee
Release the zombie!

Zombie Apocalypse?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

Spring in my Step

By Scott Bailey © 2015

Is the spring in my step
Lost its purpose
Lacking oil
And energy
Will it bounce again?
One can hope

OK. So not quite what the prompt asked for but its what sprung into my mind.

Spring in my Step

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By Scott Bailey © 2015

“It was just a bit of fun”

To the broken hearts and home

“I meant no offence”

To the victims of riot and guns

“I was just following my dreams”

To the crushing weight of debt

“I will never do it again”

To the frightened wife and child

“I was trying to save some cash”

To the shattered future lost

“I thought I knew best”

To the chances that are gone

“My intentions were good”

To the consequences of action

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Agree to Disagree.”

Tenuous but this is what my mind came up with.


 By Scott Bailey © 2015

The world clashes with me
Or I with it
Its movie reel passes before me
And I watch
But I am not of it
I brushes me
Pricks me
Interrupts my view
My observations
And the things I should enjoy
I don’t
Until I can observe them
Again one day
My moments pass
I can never seem
To be in them