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Memories that made me smile

For some reason WordPress won’t let me re-blog tonight!

So am posting the text of the original here:

I was working though my old blog articles, gathering together all my old poems from the Year long poem a day challenge for publication  – when I came across this. Alexander was only about three at the time – he was bright and cheeky already.

Alexander got reprimanded a little at nursery today. When told to do something he delegated it to two other children. I say leadership qualities!

Then tonight he wanted to watch a DVD. For the sake of my sanity I forbade another Scooby-Doo. So he thought about it and then said.

“What I really think I would like to watch is something that has two men. Two ladies. And a dog. And they go around solving mysteries.”

Mmmmm. So that narrows the options then.

We settled on How to train your dragon.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”

A storm is brewing
Clouds gather
Crowds coalesce
Grief and anger
Answer hate
Where’s my oasis
Of peace