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Editing Tool

Thought I would share this tip as it’s helping me out no end.

I have as you may or may not known already published my first novel Mankind Limited. This was my first foray into self publishing – while it has been well received I have not yet started to do any proper marketing yet – something I am pursuing now.

I have received some helpful feedback though and this includes a few people pointing out a number of errors and typos. Now I have read it over and over and I still missed these. The problem being that your mind sees what was intended rather that what is there.

For example. This is one I have since found.

“Flakes of paint fell on their on their shoulders.”

Now not only did I not see that but neither did two friends who read it through for me.

So now I am working through creating a second edition – fixing all these error and I have discovered the best way to find them.

Test to speech software. Having the text read out by the computer really shows up the errors like this.

My problem has been that I have quite an esoteric system. I work on Linux – Free and Open Source operating system  – specifically Ubuntu (well Kubuntu to be totally accurate). So the options are less – though when you find the answer its invariably free!

So in case there is anyone else out there struggling with this here is the answer courtesy of this site but added here to save you scrolling 🙂

It utilises SVOX and the popular (cross-platform and free) office suite LibreOffice

Combine SVOX tools (pico) with LibreOffice:

SVOX (pico) tools are easy to install and brings good quality voices in Ubuntu. Install it:

sudo apt-get install libttspico0 libttspico-utils libttspico-data

You can use LibreOffice in combination with SVOX (pico) tools by install the “Read Text” extension and you obtain a “GUI” for this excellent TTS software:

Set up Read Text Extension’s options with Tools – Add-ons – Read selection…. Use /usr/bin/python as the external program. Select a command line option that includes the token (PICO_READ_TEXT_PY), you may want to experiment some of them.

Now you only have to select some text in LO Writer, Calc, Impress or Draw and click on the icon added as a tool bar (a speech bubble in my case but I have heard this varies).

So there you have it – watch out now for the relaunch of Mankind Limited AND a new  and very different book coming soon!!