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Game of Thrones – a thought – Spoilers

I may be way behind everyone here but a line in the trailer for season 5 prompted a thought.

Way back in Season One we saw Jorah Mormont receive a letter from Varys. Shortly after there is an assassination attempt on Daenerys. It’s all set up to look like he has been spying on her and is supposed to kill her – but changes his mind – as he has fallen in love with her.

But – what if that was not the case? What if the letter was a warning about the assassination attempt? It makes more sense now – Varys has been supporting Daenerys all along – he is playing a much bigger game than anyone realised. He is working towards bringing the Targaryen’s back to the Iron Throne.

Which means Littlefinger has underestimated him sorely. And in the battle between Petry Balish and the Spider I would much rather see Varys triumph.