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The Man in the High Castle

Man in A High Castle

Just noticed they are adapting this Philip K Dick book into a series. Hmm could be interesting. It was certainly a better take on the concept than Fatherland.

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The Silliness

Did get time to do blogging101 today – but have already done it really.

So in lieu – here’s an old poem of mine.

The Silliness

By Scott Bailey © 2014

We were the wise ones.
Wandering in from all over the world.
High on the haze of laughter and drink.
Occasional lovers, always just friends.
And game after game we polished our views.

Where did it go?
That time of the silliness, the time of the laughs.
Was it all crushed by the weight on our hearts?
Of life, of the world that we woke to and joined.


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RIP Sir Terry

Sad, sad day!

Just heard the news!

RIP Sir Terry! You leave a unique and wonderful legacy!

Some revisiting of the classics is called for now.

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Exactly 2 years ago today! (via

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AWOL – (blogging101 – day #7/8)

Completely failed at today’s task and yesterdays – life has gotten in the way. But some of that is good – more about that later – if I get the chance.


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I am indecisive – I think

After seeing some great themes used in the Commons I have changed mine again. And added a randomised header picture.