In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In the Summertime.”

An old one reposted as it fits the prompt 🙂

By Scott Bailey © 2001

A quavering wave
of light in the summer clouds
as the sun goes down.

Summer Clouds

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Feather Crown

By Scott Bailey © 2006


The sun.
Is up!
Rise up!
Rise up!
Open eyes!
Blue skies.
Cast off
Sleep’s reins.
The plains.
No sleep!
Breath deep!
Sun warms.
No storms.
Stretch arms.
Take arms.
In the sun!
Take bow!
Take spear!
Wind blows.
Lift nose.
And scent
why they sent
for you.
They come!
They run!
The birds.
No words.
them lead.
will feed.
the land.
your hand.
grass sway.
They come
this way.
the ground.
the sound.
Thunderous sound.
All around.
A mound
of meat.
your feet.
and bow.
will flow.
one voice.
And the buffalo pass,
to greener grass.

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Now Available

Both my volumes are now available – my novel and my poetry collection.

Visit my author website for more details.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Generation XYZ.”

Not quite what the prompt meant but it reminded me of this poem I wrote years ago.


By Scott Bailey © 2006

It’s not fair.
He stated it, I didn’t.
He called me names.
I had to do it to stop him.
How come I get told off?
It’s not fair.

It’s a shameful waste.
What they do to our world today.
The forests they cut down, the whales they kill.
The fields they destroy, the new roads they build.
The way they leave their scars on the world.
It’s a shameful waste.

It’s a bloody liberty.
I will not stand for it!
I earned my money fairly.
I will spend it pleasantly.
I will not stand being ripped off!
It’s a bloody liberty.

It’s a downright disgrace.
The way these youngsters behave.
They will not heed my words.
They will not do as they are told.
I will leave my mark on the world.
It’s a downright disgrace.

He needs no name on his grave.
He was a model man.
He stood for what we all stand for.
He spoke the words we all speak.
He was me and you and all those to come.
He needs no name on his grave.

Growing Up

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Confusing Stats

Sometimes WordPress stats are just weird. I have 33 likes today – and 7 views? How does that work?

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Self Publishing – Phase 2

That sounds all very Marvel – doesn’t it?

Anyway – my plans for world domination – I mean selling a few books have moved forward a bit.

I now have my own  author website as well as an official Facebook page.

They are a bit bare at present but it’s a start.

Feed back welcome – particularly any suggestions to what content would be good to see there.

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By Scott Bailey © 2015


Those ones and those zeroes
Paint glorious pictures
On our screens
In our minds
That bring us closer
To being
The things we don’t understand