The Marketing Machine Begins to Roll

Trying an experiment – spent a small amount of dough on boosting my Facebook page. Just to see how it goes and whether its worth it.

I have updated the description a bit as well:

Trapped. In a world where everything is measured and control pervades every area of life, four people begin to break down. Instead they break through the walls of deceit and propaganda and into a world of revolution. Each, in their way, vow to overthrow the established order. They embark on a journey against the forces arraigned against them, forces of state and self doubt. Ultimately their paths converge on a dangerous road and the discovery of an ancient secret.

“An exploration of revolution, rebellion the consideration (or lack of it) about what comes next. A look at the real methods that modern society is kept divided and compliant – and a way out of it.”

Will endeavour to expand my author website a bit as well soon.

But must remember to find some time to write as well 🙂