In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lookin’ Out My Back Door.”

By Scott Bailey © 2015

A deep green canopy
Back-dropped by a swathe of gold
Swaying in the wind
An overwhelming urge
To dive into that green sea
The climb and swing
And scream
With primal joy
But there is a mountain of time
Between me and that green
Made of commitments and constraints
Burdens and dependencies
So it dwindles
In my rear window
A deep green canopy
In mist

A Deep Green Canopy

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Following a Hearse

Weirdly – I got caught up behind another one today – then as I sat eating lunch in a local eatery another went by – complete with a woman in black and a top hat walking slowly in front of the car. Don’t see that very often these days.


Following a Hearse

By Scott Bailey © 2015

The traffic slowed
We were all following a hearse
In respectful frustration
I took the time
To look around
At the rivers and fields
That normally
Speed by
We are all following a hearse

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