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Poetry Collection – reduced price

Now at a permanently reduced price!


Take some time out – once a day, just for a few minutes and read a poem. Stop the whirlwind of life and contemplate.
One poem a day for a whole year.
Give your mind space to breath.

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Absence and the heart

You know what they say – hopefully there’ something in it as I have been a bit quiet on here lately. Work has been hectic and have been doing a lot of late nights.

This is partly due to trying to get everything done before this coming week – as we are off on our holidays!

So don’t expect too much from me for a while longer 🙂

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Author Pages

I have now set up both a Facebook Author page and my own website

Check them out – and like if you like 😉


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Poem a day challenge #90 (Sonnet for our Times)

Two years ago I was writing this …


Sonnet for our Times

By Scott Bailey © 2013

So it seems to me that beyond the news
Beyond the web of the media spin
There are places still where the only views
Are battlegrounds full of unearthly din

I see the most pious places burning
Where the holy words still hold high accord
Where simple souls for peace are still yearning
The peace that those holy words won’t afford

Yet here where reason and science abound
We live comfy lives secure in our ways
No bombs rain down on our manicured ground
There is no revolt, no passion ablaze

There’s something wrong with this picture I see
Is it really this way, can you tell me?

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Strange Computer Logic

Sometimes the algorithms computers use to serve us up stuff are just weird.

I usually watch Only Connect on BBC iplayer. The other day – when I had finished watching it had suggestions on what else I might like to watch.

Snog, Marry, Avoid!

What! How the hell did it think after watching one of the finest examples of intelligence and culture – the kind of program the BBC does best when it outs its mind to it – that I might want to watch an example of the worst kind of gutter televisual crap that has ever disgraced our screens.

I don’t even know how that programme got on the BBC – its worthy of the worst of the ITV channels. No wonder BBC Three is being dropped from the airwaves.

Tonight though – after watching the latest episode of Only Connect it suggested – University Challenge. That’s more like it.

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By Scott Bailey © 2015

A warming curry
A red beer in a tall glass
And Only Connect

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By Scott Bailey © 2015

Shacks stacked
Corrugated walls
Tetering high
Rambling high

Shambling streets
Congested flesh
Diluted souls
Wasted lives

One hundred
Million dollars
Empty rooms
Cloudy palace