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Poem a day challenge #111 (Repeating Lives)


Repeating Lives

By Scott Bailey © 2013

Taking my son to my old school
Following the bus I used to take
Still the same number
Basically the same model
The same smell of classrooms
And I wonder
Is this it?
Are we destined
To repeat lives?
It is not enough
I want more
More for my children
Than was there for me
No fear
More doors
No prejudice
More joy in knowledge
Is that too much to ask?
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Scott Bailey is a freelance writer, author and blogger. His works include the dystopian novel “Mankind Limited”, Thirteen Tales – a collection of Ghost Stories and “A Spring of Dreams” collection of poetry. His blogging ranges across family articles, poetry and short stories and even the odd book or movie review.

2 thoughts on “Poem a day challenge #111 (Repeating Lives)

  1. Not at all. I’m reminded of Einstein’s definition of insanity from this. We do repeat the patterns and think we’re doing our best by our children. Why would anyone do less? Then we question, as you have here, elements of futility. I rather think that jaded thoughts breed potential for change and children who rebel from the status quo as being more in tune with what needs changing. Thinking here of my own who’ve carved different paths than I might have encouraged or children who refuse to fit a mould.
    It’s difficult to know what to do for the best other than love them and let them be the architects of their own building. Letting lets them. That. That’s change. For the better, I think.


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