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A different present

If you’re looking for a different gift this year how about a book or two 🙂

Oh – here’s one -> And here‘s another!
Mankind_Limited_Cover_for_Kindle A_Spring_of_Dreams_Cover_for_Kindle

Go on – wrap them up with a nice bow and send them to someone you love 🙂

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Poem a day challenge #136 (Blunt Hammer)


Blunt Hammer

By Scott Bailey © 2013

When horror is turned to love
And death has become high romance
Do the forces of the underworld
Practice a jubilant dance

Do vampires laugh with glee
And werewolves lick their fangs
As they open up their gates
With fanfares, bells and clangs

And into their arms they run
The poorly misguided youth
And their heroes welcome them in
With claw and jaw and tooth

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