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Mankind Limited – available now.


Here – for those who missed it a teaser for my book Mankind Limited – the Prologue and Chapter One.  If you enjoy – click through to get the whole book. And spread the word…



Darkness outside. From the expanse of his office the Facilitator gazed down at the city spread below. Orange lights twinkled. A busy machine.

It was his. They were entwined. Both products of this still young, brave new millennium.

He smiled.

He held a powerful secret. Held it and knew how to keep it. At any cost. Just like a thousand predecessors. It was a secret born of millennia of social experimentation, refining, conditioning – almost perfect.


He was interrupted by a rap at his door. He sighed. He keyed the intercom.

Come in, Max.”

Max entered, carrying a red file under his arm. Unusual. Max gave nothing away.

Excellent control. Or did…

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