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Children of Dune (Unabridged)

I finished listening to Children of Dune (Unabridged) by Frank Herbert, narrated by Scott Brick, Simon Vance on my Audible app.

Try Audible and get it free:

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The Lonely Tree


By Scott Bailey © 2016

The lonely tree
Stood atop the blasted hill
Barren branches snatching
Rays from a mist-shrouded sun

Every now and then
Upon an errant breeze
Flits a weary bird
Resting one more time
On its final flight
Then falls

All around the roots
Dead birds and ash
Giving meager succour
To the lonely tree

One day
From that blood-soaked soil
This tree’s seed will rise
Green will conquer grey
Once more

But too late
For this final witness
Of our fall

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