By Scott Bailey © 2016

Water traces curves
Of showered, moist skin, fingers
Follow down to play

In response to RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #89 Shower&Play

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Little Corner


By Scott Bailey© 2015

A little corner

A little corner

That is my world

Shrunk in space

My only place

A desk, a keyboard,

a screen

A little corner

Of a room

A little corner

of time

Stolen time

from life’s demands

Time to dream

The keys on the keyboard

are keys

Out of this corner

this cage

Into a wider

free form world

and free dreams

Through the portal

of my mind

The little corner

has no end

It opens up

and expands

forever without end

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New Author Website!


I have completely revamped and refreshed my author website!


My previous one was set up hastily and partly in order for me to learn the basic concepts of the yii2 framework.

The new one does not use a framework – yet. It is based on simple HTML pages using a free template. As it stands a framework is overkill, but if it grows anymore it will need one.

This means I have been able to concentrate more on the design – always my weak point. I am a lot happier with it this time. Let me know what you think and share the link around 🙂

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