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Tracking Writing Submissions


I am intending to try and submit to more sites, competitions and markets from this point on. Trying to get more organised and wondering if anyone had come across any good software to use to track submissions? I am going to use a spreadsheet to start with – can’t really see anything out there having searched. I am tempted to write something myself but that would eat up writing time – which I have precious little of.

What does every else do?

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Blues Bars


By Scott Bailey © 2015

It sits right down
Sits all the way down
Then flies above the clouds
Soars high above the clouds
And I
I can’t get there
Can’t weave that
Magic weave

The harmony of the heart
The harmony of dreams and thought
With the making in the world
The making of the day
I crave
Crave that path
Sweet blue path
Of blues bars

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fourth Wall.”

OK so not my favourite film but this was inspired by my favourite TV show growing up.

By Scott Bailey © 2006

I am Herne the Hunter, Lord of the Trees,
and you are a leaf blown on the breeze.
Echoes and whispers inside your head,
set you on the path you were destined to tread.

Head of a wolf, eye of a hawk,
in the forest the hooded man shall walk.
A man of balance not of gold,
Is it demon or god to whom you are sold ?

So string the bow and take up the sword,
Do my bidding and carry my word.
For you are my son Robin in the Hood.
You are the king of all Sherwood.

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The Lord of the Trees