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By Scott Bailey © 2016

The wind shifts its path
Bring new scents in its wake
Fresh blood lures the wolf

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The Lies We Tell Boys


The media lies. We all know that. Sometimes, though, it is very subtle.

Like what it tells us about being a man.

Everything we see gives us the same message. The brash businessman dispensing his wisdom, the cocky chancer charming the ladies, the whisky guzzling spy or DCI. Even the greedy bankers and the corrupt politicians – who we all condemn but are still reaping their rewards.

They all tell us the same thing – to be a man and be a success – be strong, take what you want! No one will give it to you so grab it with both hands.

Far more subtly than that but that’s the message.

I have come to a different conclusion lately. To be a man, properly (and I don’t claim to be this by ay means) you have to learn to give. To give of your strength – and to keep…

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