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Self Publishing Ups and Downs

Well, it’s only been a week since I venture onto Smashwords so this is probably premature – but…

Emotionally it’s been up and down. I was elated that I got through to the premium catalogue on the first attempt – gives me confidence that I have the technical skills at least!

Seeing my book in the Nook store and on IBooks have me a real pleasure.

On the Smashwords dashboard, I see that 14 people have sampled the book already and over 100 pages read.

However, 0 sales.

That’s making me feel despondent. I thought that maybe I just wasn’t reaching anyone through Amazon Kindle. That my feeble marketing attempts just weren’t going anywhere.

Now? It seems that it’s getting noticed – but after reading some of it, they are not buying it to read the rest.

What do I have to do?

It’s hard to tell what’s going on though. Under Kindle, there were not stats on how many people sampled the book. So maybe I wasn’t getting noticed there.  And the stats at Smashwords don’t give me reasons and details. Maybe those 14 people were expecting a different kind of book? Maybe my description is misleading in some way that I haven’t spotted?

Or maybe they just didn’t like it. There’s no feedback so I can’t really tell.

So – I am feeling a bit defeated and tired. But it won’t stop me ultimately – I will get back to writing a bit more now instead of marketing. The writing is the pleasure anyway.