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Where is my country?


The town where I work has – in the past – been the host of Asylum seekers – it is also a port of entry for visitors from abroad. It’s fair to say that it has seen its fair share of social tension.  Where I worked before that and lived for a while – Dover was even worse. The flashpoint of many a protest and news story.

In the nearly 15 years of living and working in this area – of working in the immigration sector – I have never seen – first hand any direct racial abuse.

Today – my first day back at work after Brexit – I saw it twice. Twice I saw people just shouting at other people who looked foreign – to go home.

To all those people who voted to get their country back – I am sorry – we seem to have mislaid…

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Hiring again


If you live in the south-east of the UK and are a PHP developer this might be in interest

Job Description
An experienced and talented Web/Database Developer is required to work within a company in the logistics industry. They will become an essential member of a dedicated team and as such should have good interpersonal as well as technical skills.  
The company is a leading logistics equipment supplier that have developed a unique product aimed at a specific corner of the market. It is a small but expanding company.  
The correct candidate will quickly take on a role that will help to ensure the growth and continuing success of the company. It is an environment where each individual’s input has an immediate impact.
The role will encompass both front and back-end development as well as some systems administration.
·         PHP (OOP)

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