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Poem a Day Challenge #3 (Outside `The Daffodil and Pen’)


Outside `The Daffodil and Pen’

By Scott Bailey © 1999

I wandered lonely as a brick
That sinks and dives in stream and lake,
When all at once I was so sick,
And an awful mess I did make.
Beside the lake, beneath the trees.
Splattering my stomach in the breeze.

It must have been the bread I had
Or maybe that old Milky Way.
This puddle of sick smelt so bad
Along the margin of the bay.
Ten pints I had drunk, at a guess.
Tossing my head, I felt a mess.

The waves in my head danced, and they
Dashed my weak legs from under me.
A poet could not be so gay
As the one who stood over me.
He gazed and gazed and then in glee
Threw up and fell down next to me.

Next morn when on my couch I lay
In vacant and in pensive…

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Poem a Day Challenge #2 (Nation)


Well – so pressed for time today that I decided to do a haiku – being short!

However - I have also had the kids tune “I’m a Jingle Jangle Scarecrow” going around and around in my head! And toothache!

So this one is born out of all that.


By Scott Bailey© 2013

Kerching! Kerchang! Pow!
Our economy picks up!
Soul still desolate.

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Poem a day Challenge #1 (Goodnight)



by Scott Bailey © 2013

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Love you with all my heart.
One snuggled cosy in bed.
One in the earth.
Mother and Father
Forever hurt.

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Meet the Characters – Richard


Richard burns. He burns with a fury that is too bright for him to look at. He fights the system in whatever inventive ways he can concoct.

He never asks why he fights or what his ultimate goal is. He just needs the fight.

So defeat almost crushes him, forces him to ask himself questions he has been afraid to ask all his life.

Can he survive the answers?

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