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Plop, plop.

The sound echoes in the dark, reverberates around the cavern for many minutes after.

Yet, is it a sound? With no ears to hear? And are the ripples real if – in this absolute darkness no eye can see?

For this pool, this precious reservoir of pure water is deep beneath the troubled earth. The purest water known to humans – never to be known by humans.

Plop, plop.

It is far beyond their reach. In the roots of the world.

It is the last pure water in the world, the only unpolluted, uncontaminated pool.

As if drawn the last few clean drops seep down wind their way down the stalactites and…

Plop, plop.

No human ears to hear, no human eyes to see. Though every human tongue is craving, thirsting, it is beyond them.

Plop, plop.

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Mankind Limited – The Sky



The sky to the west was as dark as a promise of Armageddon. It was punctuated occasionally by a piercing fork of blue-white lightning.

As piercing as the eyes that watched. Mankind Ltd.

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Poem a day challenge #143 (Words)


By Scott Bailey © 2013

Master of words
By words mastered
Many a politician can claim
Those that abuse the power
By which they rose
Will be bitten by the beast they tamed

Such is the reality
We choose to believe
But the truth we know is worse
Where corruption rules
It protects its own
Mostly, the corrupt rule