Mankind Limited – The Sky



The sky to the west was as dark as a promise of Armageddon. It was punctuated occasionally by a piercing fork of blue-white lightning.

As piercing as the eyes that watched. Mankind Ltd.

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Poem a day challenge #210 (Spirit)


By Scott Bailey © 2013

Though the ground is frozen white
And we endure a long dark night
The warmth of the hearth is enough to fill
Every heart until it will spill
So Merry Christmas one and all
May the human spirit never fall


Poem a day challenge #209 (Blind) (Etheree)

Blind (Etheree)

By Scott Bailey © 2013

are blind
to the truth
Suffering goes on
And we deny it all
Unable to find a way
Through the maze of our modern lives
To a place where we can be ourselves
And hold out that hand that helps our neighbour

Instead we clench our hand in a tight fist
Holding tight onto what we have gained
Not seeing what we are losing
What slips away from our grasp
Diminishing our souls
Focused on our goals
With such passion
That we are