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Autism a Colourful Spectrum

As this is a subject our family is now dealing with it might pop up on here now and then.

Amongst all the dreary advice and articles I have read I came across this comic. Which I think is just brilliant

introduction to colorwheel autism spectrum


The original article is here.

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Earl – Thirteen Tales


A bitter young aristocrat seeks revenge on the spirit that disinherited his father. Not all though is as his young eyes assume.

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Thirteen Tales of Ghosts

By Scott Bailey

A collection of short stories concerning ghosts. Some are traditional ghost stories in the tradition of M.R. James and Edgar Allan Poe. Other are not. Some scare, some are fun. Some play with the concept of a ghost. There are ghosts who are out for revenge and the living avenging the spirits that curse them.

Ideal for sitting around a campfire and late at night under the covers. Or maybe not if the stories themselves are any guide.

Check it out at Amazon and Smashwords and other online e-book retailers.

A paperback version os being worked on for those who prefer the feel of the paper while huddling by the fire – on your own – in the dark – with that noise behind you……

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By Scott Bailey 2017

Thinking aesthetics
Is vaguely anaesthetic
Trying hard to write

In response to the daily prompt Aesthetic


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A Spring of Dreams – Lantern



By Scott Bailey © 2013

Old light from the past
Is still illumination
Wisdom echoes far

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Marathon Scheduling

So regular readers of my blog will notice that a lot of my posts have been about my books. In fact, they are marketing posts in an attempt to bolster sales and increase awareness and interest. I have been trying to do one for each book each day but it all takes time.

With that in mind, I decided to take a bunch of them and create a rolling schedule. So that’s what I have ben doing the last two weeks. I now have posts scheduled for each book for each day for the rest of the year! Over 1000 posts scheduled. So whatever happens you’ll be hearing from me every day until at least the end of the year.

This will leave me the time to do other original posts. I will still be doing Ronovan’s weekly Haiku challenge. I will also try and do something for the Daily Prompt. Having said that a heavy cold has meant I missed yesterday’s already!

I hope it doesn’t make the blog too repetitive – it’s an experiment to see if I can drum up more sales. We’ll see how it goes.