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Frank Castorf’s – Ring Cycle

I have been working my way through last year’s Bayreuth Festival Ring Cycle- staged by Frank Castorf. Only a little way through Das Rheingold – I am having to watch it in small instalments – such is my life. Not ideal but there it is.

It’s an interesting production – having been “modernised”. It brings something to it –  the intonations of meaning are easier to understand for some reason.

However, it lacks some of the Grandeur and Majesty. Wotan the drug lord is not as epic or impressive as Wotan the God.

It is keeping my interest, though – I will persevere and see how it goes – if only for the rumoured copulating crocodiles!

Pictures below are from this proper review 🙂

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So, either it has snowed in our bathroom, there has been the mother of all cocaine parties or somebody who will remain nameless (starts with an L end with an M few vowels in between) has found Mummy’s talcum powder.

I don’t know what my kids will be when they grow up – but one way or another they will make the world tremble.

In the meantime – here’s an old poem that fits in with today’s prompt.

By Scott Bailey 2014

I have seen giants
Striding over the land
Power on their shoulders
Stern and strong their hand

Never do they falter
Never seen one stumble or fall
Always do their duty
Always answer the call

Through storm and wind and rain
The carry their burden true
Though other links may burn out
The giants stride on through

So remember this and tremble
Even the giants will pass
Fall into dust and rusty ruin
Scattered in untamed grass

One day their burden will dissipate
Their purpose will disappear
And the duty they discharged so well
A memory dimmed with time

In response to the daily prompt Tremble


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Mankind Limited – Succumb


Would all the earth succumb to the concrete blanket of mankind? Was that the best legacy they could leave? Was their vision that limited?

One day there would come a time when it would be more profitable to tear these trees down than to leave them. Then there would be no power on earth that would save them. Even concerned consumers couldn’t stand in the way of profits anymore.

Read an excerpt here.

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Mankind Limited – Nothing Changed



Read an excerpt here.

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A Spring of Dreams – Distant Clattering

Distant Clattering

By Scott Bailey © 2014

A white wedge
Spotted in the corner
Of a run-down shop
Off the track
Joyful memories swell
And from the past
I hear the clattering
Of a metal bowl
Filling with a quarter pound
Of sherbet lemons

Photo by Scott Bailey


A_Spring_of_Dreams_Cover_for_KindleAvailable asKindle

or hardback

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A Ghost Sighting – Thirteen Tales

A Ghost Sighting

A blatant, carefree affair leads to some odd visions and strange happenings in an ancient cottage in the sticks.

Featured Image -- 7657

Thirteen Tales of Ghosts

By Scott Bailey

A collection of short stories concerning ghosts. Some are traditional ghost stories in the tradition of M.R. James and Edgar Allan Poe. Other are not. Some scare, some are fun. Some play with the concept of a ghost. There are ghosts who are out for revenge and the living avenging the spirits that curse them.

Ideal for sitting around a campfire and late at night under the covers. Or maybe not if the stories themselves are any guide.

Check it out at Amazon and Smashwords and other online e-book retailers.

A paperback version os being worked on for those who prefer the feel of the paper while huddling by the fire – on your own – in the dark – with that noise behind you……