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Frank Castorf’s – Ring Cycle

I have been working my way through last year’s Bayreuth Festival Ring Cycle- staged by Frank Castorf. Only a little way through Das Rheingold – I am having to watch it in small instalments – such is my life. Not ideal but there it is.

It’s an interesting production – having been “modernised”. It brings something to it –  the intonations of meaning are easier to understand for some reason.

However, it lacks some of the Grandeur and Majesty. Wotan the drug lord is not as epic or impressive as Wotan the God.

It is keeping my interest, though – I will persevere and see how it goes – if only for the rumoured copulating crocodiles!

Pictures below are from this proper review 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Frank Castorf’s – Ring Cycle

  1. I love music, I love some of Wagner’s ‘best bits’, they are beyond sublime, but he’s not one of my favourite composers and I don’t think I’m brave enough to tackle a Ring cycle live. But he does seem to be unique in the arts, music, poetry and theatre writ large and like all classics, open to reinterpretation. A writer friend and I went to see one of those live opera broadcasts at our cosy local cinema. It was ‘Parsifal’ and naively I said when we saw the early start time ‘It can’t be that long, not like it’s the Ring cycle’. The first act was two hours long, though all was forgiven when Jonas Kaufman started singing in the second act. But we were thinking did no one ever say to Wagner, I think you could edit this a bit!


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