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Where The Red Fox Roams

For JusJoJan 4th Passionate

A bit of a cheat – I am catching up after being brought down with flu!


The timid beasties scatter
With tiny racing hearts
The scent of blood approaches
The herd all ways it parts
For here
The red fox roams

The scent of fear it rises
And fans the fox’s fire
Into enslaving passion
To raise the killer higher
The red fox roams

Filled with hate and ire of
Where the white wolves dance
The dance the fox desires
Denied its golden chance
The red fox roams

The world has grown accustomed
To fear of tooth and claw
The world has grown so weary
Of lives lived short and raw
The red fox roams

The timid beasties scatter
Will never make a stand
They’ll not accept the secret
To gain the upper hand
So proud
The red fox roams

No one knows the course
Where the fox’s road is heading
All they see is darkness
The cast of all the spreading
Where the red fox roams

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

The Press will touch all
The raw places to ensure
Peace will not prevail

In response to RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #184 Press&Touch

#Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge