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Hunters Rush

By Scott Bailey © 2018

Thoughts lost in the rush
Emptied by the hunter’s rage
Purpose cleansed once more

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By Scott Bailey © 2015

A soul full
Of tear-stained dreams
As substantial
As vapour
At the mercy
Of whispering winds

A storm approaches

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Mankind Limited – Succumb


Would all the earth succumb to the concrete blanket of mankind? Was that the best legacy they could leave? Was their vision that limited?

One day there would come a time when it would be more profitable to tear these trees down than to leave them. Then there would be no power on earth that would save them. Even concerned consumers couldn’t stand in the way of profits anymore.

Read an excerpt here.

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Black Wings

By Scott Bailey © 2013

Black wings
Rushing, beating, clouding all
The all-consuming
Descends, swoops
Threatens and laughs
Dismissed with a thought

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Originally published in A Spring of Dreams

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