By Scott Bailey © 2018

These are the traits
The media feeds us
Tells us we need
To succeed
Thus preparing us
For exploitation

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In response to my daily prompt Trait

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The World in a Book

By Scott Bailey © 2013

The world in a book
For my son
To show him the places
Across the seas
That he dreams of.
The colours,
The creatures,
The cultures and the clashes.
The world in a book in his hands
As one day
The world will be in his hands.

In response to my daily prompt Culture

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Wrong Things

By Scott Bailey © 2014

Perfect thighs
Perfect abs
Perfect eyes
For perfect lives
We give our teens
Aspirational dreams
Of fame and fortune
Imaginary screens
And every flick of every light
Every glossy page so bright
Every song of every type
Every ad with teeth so white
Every billboard, every bus
Every website we like or plus
Every search and every text
Every life that we connect
Every meal and every drink
Every label phrased succinct
The many many many times
Perfect views assault our eyes
Programming the soft and greying minds
To covet
The wrong things
So much effort
Is required
For those minds
Are really wired
With the truth

Image from Pixabay

In response to my daily prompt Approval

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