By Scott Bailey © 2014

Defying downing gravity
To delight in dazzling dance
Shimmering, shining sparkles
Showering tiny tears

Photo by Scott Bailey
Photo by Scott Bailey

Originally published in A Spring of Dreams



By Scott Bailey © 2017

The panacea
Of all the world’s ills
Is in our hands
In their joining

Image from Pixabay

In response to my daily prompt Explicit

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By Scott Bailey © 2013

Our voices are simply the shadows
Cast by our dreams and our thought
If the shadows become ineffectual
Then our voices will end up as naught
Yet shadows can give us the outline
Of what is looming above
If we take note of the darkness
We can give those dreams a shove
One thing we must yet remember
To give those shadows a shape
Sunlight is needed behind it
From brightness, the dreams will escape

Image from Pixabay

In response to my daily prompt Outline

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